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The ONE hack that cuts your quilting time in half…

November 3, 2023



Have you ever thought about what the most time consuming part of quilting really is? 


Here’s a hint: It’s probably not the time you spend at your sewing machine.


It’s the time you spend carefully gathering your supplies, plotting your project and assembling your quilt-ready workspace. 


Now, that’s where having a “quilt kit” comes in.


This subtle hack can slash your overall production time in HALF, and…


Give you the *freedom* to start your next project at a moment’s notice, just by building your own premade supply of quilting essentials. 


So what if you need a little help deciding what should go in your customized quilt kit? 


Our selection of quilting must-haves is here to help you get organized fast.


Check it out right here.


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