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Miele Bag AirClean 3D Efficiency Filter Type GN


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Miele GN Air Clean Vacuum Bags feature the highest level of dust filtration on the market.

Each bag has 9-ply construction and features a self sealing spring loaded top to trap dust upon bag removal. Each box contains 4 bags and 2 filters (1 motor protection filter and 1 Super Air Clean filter) that when combined with Miele’s Air Clean system remove 99.9%+ of dust particles.

This bag fits all S2, S5 and S8 series vacuums and has been color coded blue to make re-ordering a breeze.

We recommend changing your bag every 4-6 weeks, or when your suction/bag indicator reaches 75% capacity. This will ensure your motor is never stressed, which will prolong the life of your vacuum.