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Baby Lock Machine Solaris 2

This Product is only available in our local area.
Everything the Solaris™ 2 offers is made for you to save time, be more precise, and sew and embroider worry-free while delivering professional level results. Because of IQ Visionary™, the IQ Intuition™ App, IQ™ Designer, and countless other groundbreaking features, all you do is make.


While in embroidery mode, choose from three different projection backgrounds to see your design clearly. The needle drop laser is displayed in a point or a “T” pattern for even more precise placement.


The Solaris 2 uses a variety of guideline markers and grids for perfect placement. While in sewing mode, switch between three different laser colors for better visibility based on fabric choices. Single, double, angles and grid lines are ideal for piecing precision, stitch adjustment and aligning starting points and very wide stitches.
Create giant embroidery designs with the Baby Lock Solaris 2 Sewing and Embroidery Machine's huge embroidery hoop.

10 5/8” X 16” HOOP


The 10-5/8" x 16" hoop is Baby Lock’s largest hoop yet. It makes it possible to stitch out your biggest embroidery designs with fewer rehoopings. The 10-5/8” x 10-5/8” hoop size is perfect for quilt blocks.



Create your own designs and quilt motifs with ease. Draw directly on the screen, scan in your favorite artwork, upload an existing file to the Solaris 2 using a USB drive or wirelessly send designs to your machine from your smartphone using the IQ Intuition Positioning App. Your art will be instantly converted into an embroidery pattern.
Use the Baby Lock Solaris 2 Sewing and Embroidery Machine's quilting features and fills for unique and perfect quilts.


Create beautiful quilt borders and sashing with unmatched precision using the 30 patterns and two shapes (rectangular or hexagonal) available. Add stippling, echo quilting, or any of the 42 Decorative Fill patterns from IQ™ Designer around a selected design.