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Q'nique' Laser Set

The Q’nique Laser Stylus is the easiest way to trace patterns or pantographs while quilting on a machine quilting frame. Just attach the laser stylus to the Q’nique, and position it to trace the desired pattern! The laser can be attached to the front or rear handles, or even on the bottom of the machine between the wheels using the included adapter. Once attached, the laser can be rotated or positioned in any angle.

Just place a paper pattern off to the side and follow along with the precise laser indicator. Even copy patterns you've already quilted without a paper template! The Laser stylus plugs right into the Q'nique’s accessory ports, so there are no batteries to buy or replace.

The laser stylus can also be used from the rear of the machine, perfect for tracing pantographs and patterns from the rear table of the quiting frame. A special attachment piece is included so you can set the laser up on the bottom of the carriage. Rear handles (a separate accessory) must be used when using the laser stylus from the rear of the quilting machine.