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Here’s a fun sewing project for kids

June 2, 2023



Have you ever finished a project that not only looked good, but kept you feeling good for weeks to come?


Well, look no further than this insanely easy kid-approved “Boo Boo Bag,” the perfect craft for inspiring your own kiddos or gifting to a young family friend.


Much like a standard bean bag design, this project includes just a few pieces of cloth and stitches made into any pattern their little heart desires.


But this time, you’ll be filling your creation with plain rice, allowing it to be safely placed in the freezer or microwave for their next big “ouch” moment.


The rice holds heat and cold amazingly well for years!


Now, just like that, you’ve got an adorable new toy and must-have comfort accessory that they’ll be loving for years to come.


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