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Bernina E16 

With 16 needles and up to 1400 stitches the E 16 is Bernina's first household multi-needle embroidery machine. 

Bernina B880

Imagine a machine that automatically responds to your needs. The presser foot automatically lowers at the start of a seam and lifts again at the end. The B 880 will even cut the thread for you at the end of a seam or color change in embroidery. The feed dog raises and lowers automatically for free-motion stitching and embroidery. And of course, fully automatic threading is yours at the touch of a button.

Bernina B 790

The BERNINA 790 is the ideal machine for sewing fine fabrics as attested by Kazu Huggler, Japenese-Swiss designer: “The BERNINA 790 lets you embroider designs over a particularly large area, and offers a range of luxury features. The Dual Feed is brilliant at feeding my silky fabrics.” The daughter of a Japanese mother and Swiss father, Kazu Huggler belongs to a new generation of international couture fashion designers. She runs her studio and fashion label “KAZU” in Zurich. Her creations combine Japanese aesthetics and simplicity with Swiss quality. The first dress of her bridal fashion collection was created on a BERNINA 790.

A lot of space for big art work

For American quilt artist Tula Pink, the BERNINA 770 QEE is something very special: “Next to my passion for my designs, I’m equally passionate about BERNINA. The BERNINA 770 QEE gives me the space I need for quilting, plus the Stitch Regulator can’t be beat for even stitches.” Tula Pink plays with images the way a poet plays with words, turning innocuous traditional designs into mischievous little critters. Tula’s love affair with textiles began early and an obsession with sewing soon followed. Tula began quilting in an effort to use up her ever-growing stash of fabric so that she could justify buying more. Today, 16 years later, she is a renowned designer and quilter. Tula Pink has designed a quilt from her “Moonshine” fabric collection exclusively for BERNINA.

Bernina B700

Available to buy-online and pick up in store: Bernina's first embroidery ONLY machine offers even more features and options for embroidery lovers. For example, accurately place designs with Pinpoint Placement, a great new feature for easy positioning and alignment. The B 700 works only with the embroidery module and is the perfect companion as an embroidery only machine.

Bernina B580

The Bernina 580 is a versatile machine for sewing, embroidery, and quilting. It provides great flexibility, giving you creative freedom. The memory function can be used to permanently save customized stitches and embroidery designs.

Bernina B570 QEE

I This machine is a genuine all-rounder that can sew, quilt and embroider. The Bernina 570QEE was designed with your sewing future in mind. A variety of special accessories and presser feet are included with the machine. When you are ready to expand your options, you'll find a broad range of accessories available.

Bernina B560E

The Bernina 560E is a true sewing, embroidery and quilting all-rounder with a touch screen that enabiles easy switching between the sewing and embroidery modes. The embroidery module, extension table and accessory box are also included.